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Analyses & Audits


Know your position, before pointing new ways!

Board directors and executives seek for ways to increase both growth and market share to achieve higher revenues and profits.

We help to define future scenarios and growth strategies, and support our clients to translate experiences and insights of specific strategic and operational areas into a sustainable impact. That gives clients the clarity they need to make informed and sound M&A decisions.

Our internationally experienced IMAP experts and industry specialists develop the most suitable growth strategy for your needs. Our services are grounded in an integrated strategic and operational perspective that delivers meaningful results and qualified potential M&A targets, quickly and with a minimum time involvement of your organisation, and in line to your business plans' growth strategy or internationalization.

Using selected analyses and state-of-the-art methods we value and review the currents state and the future potential of the target company, and the related organizational and innovation capabilities. The capability audit is a comprehensive addendum completing any form of commercial due diligence.


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